Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Reply to a Kansas City Star Op-Ed

This is written by the Vice-Chair of the Kansas Libertarian Party - Jason Peck


In an editorial that appeared under the "as I see it" section of the 1/3/08 edition of the Star, Brandon Keing extols the virtues of our two party system.

He claims that the system is the best way for a representative democracy to function. Unfortunately, he ignores some of the facts in his argument.

First and foremost, the two party system does NOT represent everyone. The growing number of independents and third parties is proof that voters are becoming increasingly disenfranchised with both of the two major parties. Secondly, the two major parties that currently seek to represent us are supposed to have distinct philosophies, which are the left vs. the right. The reality is they represent one ideal, and that is to get themselves re-elected.

During the few times in which their philosophies truly conflict, the left tends to believe in civil liberties and social freedom but not as much economic freedom, whereas the right tends to believe in financial freedom but not social freedoms. Many, if not most Americans are neither left nor right, but believe in freedom of all kinds. Some Americans actually believe in less freedom of both kinds, and yet more consider themselves "centrist".

The fact is the two party system is a power monopoly controlled by the elite. They have, over the years, created an unlevel playing field thereby protecting their common interests by excluding any real dissent.

I would like encourage Mr. Keing, and all Americans to consider an alternative to our current system.

The Libertarian Party is the 3rd largest and fastest growing 3rd party in the nation. It seeks to promote a free market economy, civil liberties, and a foreign policy of peace, free trade, and non-intervention. We are neither left nor right, and we believe our solutions are the most effective and compassionate in the political realm today.


Jason E. Peck
Vice Chair
The Libertarian Party of Kansas

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This letter was printed by the KC Star Jan 12, 2008.

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