Thursday, January 17, 2008

Atlas!Liberty Awards Twelve Political Scholarships

I am the Advisory Board Chair for Atlas!Liberty and below is one recent project that we are doing and can use your help with.

Please help us by donating soon - as you can see below we are spending the money wisely to help people from across the nation get political training to help the LP grow!

-- Rob --

Atlas!PAC has changed their name to Atlas!Liberty. Their mission is to give Libertarian candidates the tools they need to win elections. Atlas!Liberty is committed to educating their members in contemporary campaigning technology and techniques. Toward this end, they have awarding scholarships to the Campaign and Elections annual seminar “The Art of Political Campaigning”. The scholarship covers the registration fee, transportation to and from Washington, DC, hotel and some incidental travel expenses. Here’s a list of twelve recent scholarship recipients:
  1. Whitney Allen, Plainfield, Indiana,. Senior business major at IUPUI. Hired by MTV as part of a special program the network is launching to cover politics through the 2008 presidential elections. Created web site for Libertarian Timothy Maguire for Indianapolis City-County Council At-Large in 2006.
  2. Jaenelle Antas, Rochester, Minnesota, part-time employee with Libertarian Party of Indiana. Full-time student at IUPUI in Indianapolis. Plans to attend law school in Wisconsin. Volunteer co-coordinator Tim Maguire for Council 2007.
  3. Jeremiah Arn, Columbus, Ohio, VP Business Development, First Ohio Home Finance, Ohio LP Communications & Media Director and Fundraising Director . He has a background in marketing, managing budgets and overseeing customer experience projects – both short-term and long.
  4. Emily Cowan, Austin, Texas. Former Cato intern and then Director of Intern Program. Campaign Staffer for Michael Badnarik in 2006 Congressional run. Founder and leader of the Libertarian Longhorns at the University of Texas.
  5. Marc Goddard, Denver, Colorado, relocated to Colorado from Washington, D.C. seven years ago. Managed Libertarian gubernatorial campaign of Dawn Winkler. Currently fundraising director of Colorado LP, working on several fundraising events and is the volunteer coordinator for a City Council election for the town of Golden.
  6. Allison Maguire, Indianapolis, Indiana, administrative assistant, candidate for Libertarian office, At-Large City Council in 2007, key volunteer for Tim Maguire campaign.
  7. Tim Maguire, Indianapolis, Indiana, financial planner and small business owner, candidate for Libertarian office, including At-Large City Council in 2007.
  8. Michael C. Munger, Durham, North Carolina, Chairman of the Department of Political Science at Duke University. For the last several years he has published four essays per year on libertarian economic principles at the Liberty Fund web site. He has been active in the Libertarian Party of North Carolina since 2004, working on obtaining signatures and fundraising on ballot access. He is seeking the Libertarian nomination for Governor of North Carolina in 2008.
  9. Richard Shepard, Tacoma, Washington, attorney Shepard Law Office, P.L.L.C. Member of the LP since 1980. In 1986 helped organize the LP national convention in Seattle. In late 1980s ran for the state legislature 3 times as an (L). In the early 1990s served as State Chair for the LP of Washington State. In 1996 and in 2000 ran for State Attorney General as an (L). Has representing the LPWA for seven years in a continuing battle over Washington's primary election system. (Cases cited in the resume). He has been fully involved in all phases of the case, including most strategy sessions with the D & R attorneys, and attending US Supreme Court arguments on 10/1/07. For the 2006 election cycle he advised the Washington candidate for US Senate regarding FEC requirements.
  10. Jessica Mears, Lima, Ohio, student at University of Cincinnati majoring in communications. Currently working to organize a University of Cincinnati Campus Libertarians. Actively supporting a Libertarian presidential candidate at UC.
  11. Matthew Robinson, Springfield, MA, Vice-President of the Ohio State Libertarian Studies Organization before graduating with Master's in Physics in 12/06. Worked on 2006 campaign of the Libertarian Candidate for Governor of Ohio. Moved to New Hampshire with the Free State Project and started getting involved politically by attending city council and state legislature meetings. Change if jobs and moved to MA in 7/07. Organizer for the Springfield, MA Ron Paul Meetup. He’s looking to move back to NH and hopes to run for political office in next few years, starting at the local level.
  12. Mike Smitley, Van Wert, Ohio, has served the Libertarian Party of Ohio as NW Region Chair, Van Wert County Development Coordinator and as Treasurer. Ran as a libertarian Republican for Congress in a special election in 2007. Attended two Leadership Institute seminars in 2007. Wants to focus Libertarian efforts on local development and creating new county parties with the means and training necessary to elect Libertarians.

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