Saturday, December 22, 2007

Why vote for the Libertarian Party?

Let’s face reality. The two-party system is a myth; we no longer have a two party system. In name, we have the Republicans and Democrats. In practice, we have one party system where the politician’s actions belie that public spin.

The political battle between conservatives and liberals is no longer an issue worth discussing. Except for rhetoric, there is little substantive difference between them. The hype, scare tactics, and fear mongering used by both sides is merely for the purpose of raising money and electing people to positions of power. However, neither side has any real plans to change public policy or the overall direction of the country.

How long have we voters heard democrats and republicans warn us of the imminent dangers of the other party while assuring us that they and they alone can be trusted to save the country? It's the same redundant message every two years, and has been for as long as I can remember.

Increasingly, people struggle to understand the differences, if any, between the Republicans’ and Democrats’ stance on many issues. One can sometimes discern some ideological differences between the most conservative and liberal legislators, yet on the important role-of-government issues, those issues which historically have divided the two parties -- the legislative branch now falls into the "distinction without a difference" category. Indeed, while lawmakers identify themselves as Republicans and Democrats ideologically, their actions are, for the most part, indistinguishable.

We have been bombarded by the media recently with their so called “political defections” – these growing defections, are simply proof that there is no real difference between a republican and a democrat. The old retail store tag line really comes to mind when someone asks me what the difference between the two are – my response is “republican, democrat – It’s the same thing!”

Neither Democrats nor Republicans are making the tough decisions to correct inherited problems or enlightening the electorate. To get elected, politicians in both parties continue to take advantage of peoples emotional blind spots. They tell people what they want to hear. Neither party has been able to bring about effective change.

Elected Republicans and Democrats no longer seek power to advance their principles, or to help the people they represent, but simply for power. The R’s & D’s have alienated the people so much that the people have given up on the system – they no longer register with a specific political party, the second largest voting block in Kansas is now unaffiliated due to the massive discontent with both the R’s & D’s.

It’s time for “real” change. But it’s not going to happen by choosing a lesser of two evils. The Libertarian party offers you a realistic choice. You will not get real change by voting either Republican or Democrat. You will only get change if you vote Libertarian and send the message to our elected officials -- “Enough is Enough”.

Vote for Individual Liberty and Personal Responsibility --- Vote Libertarian.