Sunday, August 19, 2007

Looking forward to Vegas & the Atlas Board meeting

This Friday I will be flying to Las Vegas to a face-to-face board meeting for the Atlas! PAC.

I always look forward to these national group types of LP meetings – It recharges my batteries (so to speak) about the positive efforts all LP’ers are trying to make in the world of politics.

The Atlas board members are from all over the country – that varied perspective is great because each area of the nation has their own political personalities; here in Kansas the “conservative” (read religious right) is very much attempting to take control of Kansas politics. It is the issue that is most discussed in the KS press right now. So, to get back to my point here – the east coast, southern, and west coast perspectives are actually a refreshing addition to my thought processes because these “alternative” ideas are actually thinking outside the box for Kansas politics and Kansas media.

I know better than to think only one plan/idea works to grow the LP. I know that that there is more than one-way to get our candidates elected. I hate to think that I get into a rut sometimes in my planning, recruiting and or my outreach efforts. The *getting away* from the KSLP, and into a national group setting, helps me look at my KS situation in a logical, detached way that I think is helping our growth overall. I love the KS people and the organization we have grown into in the last 2 ½ years I have been the chair, however we need to keep stepping it up in our efforts to reach the disenfranchised voters.

Add the fact that we (Atlas) are all on the same page of helping viable LP candidates try to get elected - it become a very enjoyable time for me.

See Ya in Vegas!