Saturday, September 22, 2007

I like working OPH (Operation Politically Homeless) booths

I have to admit that I have what could easily be described as an unnatural affinity to working OPH booths. What do I mean?

I love working these booths. I actually enjoy meeting the people off the streets, giving the world’s smallest political quiz (WSPQ), talking about libertarian issues and explaining how they would make Kansas better.

I spent seven of eleven days in OPH booths, the first day in Olathe Kansas at the Old Settlers Days celebration. This 3-day event has an attendance of over 200,000 people. This year our booth was very well received. While people have been upset about the other two political parties, they are finally mad enough to start actively looking for alternatives. We have several new volunteers and I enjoy the talks I had with the R’s and D’s and how they are now worried we (the KSLP) will affect the 2008 elections.

The other 6 days I spent in an OPH booth was in Hutchinson Kansas at the Kansas State Fair. We have had a LPKS booth at the state fair now for over 20 years. The KS State Fair has an attendance of over 500,000 people in ten days. I have personally volunteered at the state fair only for the last seven years and this year was by far the best state fair I have ever worked. We now have a great location in the building we are in (the Meadowlark building). I personally helped over 35 people change their voter registration to the Libertarian Party. I gave the quiz myself at least 250 times. I had 14 people tell me that they are considering running as LP candidates in 2008 (six committed to running; however, we will see who follows thru).

New handouts this year helped to fuel the positive reponse we received. We have a new tri-fold full color brochure made for the KSLP this year and we had the new 8-page “Discover Liberty” tabloid that is being published by the Advocates for Self Government. Folks, this new tabloid from the Advocates is (in my opinion) a necessary (must have) handout to give someone after they have taken the quiz. We also have several new banners that are much easier to read and see from a distance that decorated the booth. The combination of the great location of the booth and the discontent of the voters made for a completely relaxed and enjoyable time to discuss politics in an off election year.

I am going to push, push, push for our local LP groups to really plan for OPH booth opportunities in 2008. Voters want a change, voters know that they cannot get change with the R’s & D’s; we must reach out and let them know we are active and willing to be that change! (Staffing these booths and working the supporting event parades with floats is one great way to support the LP)

I really have been recharged by the public and their current political discontent. I was amazed at how many people came up to me a said “KEEP IT UP”, or ‘WE NEED YOU” and even “THANK GOD YOU ARE DOING THIS”. I knew there was a simmering of discontent, however, I am now seeing the boil over starting and when people are upset they act! We are in the right place at the right time to help the public solve their problem with the government.