Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Natural Law

Professor Liberty says:

The Natural Law

Question:  Of all political systems, why is Libertarian the best?

Answer:  Because Libertarianism has the most solid moral foundation in human rights.

Libertarianism is a descendant of natural law and ethical intuitionism. Natural law is the philosophical proposition that certain rights are ordained by virtue of the human condition. In other words, because you and I are human, we are born with rights.

The government does not give these rights any more than the government allows you and me to breathe. The government’s role is to protect these rights and not diminish them. History suggests that only small government can do this.

Can the government take away a natural right? Practically speaking, government can place penalties on acting out natural rights. However, only elimination of the human species could theoretically vanquish forever a natural law, and maybe not even then, depending on the source of Law.

Governments are good at suppressing rights.

What are some of the rights derived from Natural Law?
The freedom of speech, freedom of association, and freedom to defend oneself, these and others are Natural Law rights.

Maybe they come from nature, were ingrained by evolution, perhaps revealed by divine revelation, bestowed from supernatural inspiration, or discovered by reason.

Libertarians and others will hold different beliefs on the origin of Natural Law. But regardless of their origin, they exist. They exist within each of us, individually.

The party that best maximizes individual liberty is most aligned with Natural Law.
We know that party as The Libertarian Party.

Russell Fulmer, Ph.D.