Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Updates --> mid May 2013

I was elected to a 2 year term as the Vice-Chair for the Kansas Libertarian Party in late April.

Jumped right back in and will be traveling Kansas as I work to build the party for our 2014 elections.

I am on the committee to find our statewide candidates (Governor/ LT Governor tag team, Secretary of State, Treasurer, Attorney General, Commissioner of Insurance) if you know of a Kansan that would be a good candidate for the LPKS - please contact me and let me know who there are.

I am also looking for candidates for all 125 Kansas House of Representatives seats.

Working on new LPKS brochure and will be working on a new idea for a positive libertarian message plan, (digital, brochures, posters, website, social media etc.)

This Thursday evening (May 16) I will be in Cimarron Kansas giving my town hall presentation "Libertarian 101" or What's a libertarian? using this meeting to try and help the Gray County LP get started with drawing people into the Libertarian party.

The LPKS will have an in-person Executive Committee meeting in Topeka June 30 - place and time TBD

The 2014 State nominating convention will be in Wichita the weekend of April 26th and we are planning a bigger meeting, banquet and probable social get-together the Friday evening before.

The Kansas legislature is sitting on their thumbs trying to finish this years session, however the Republicans can't make up their minds on taxes. the legislature did some of what I thought they would do - some economic issues legislation can be positive, several social issues legislation continue the republican belief in big government. The battle will come with the Kansas Supreme Court and education funding, I think the courts will again try and become legislators and dictate education spending.... We will see.

The county fair season will kick in high gear starting in July and the Kansas State Fair booth will be a source of information to the public for the 28th year now. One of the longest running libertarian outreach booths I am aware of nationally.

If you wish to contact me with ideas (outreach, blog post ideas, other communication - send me an email to rob.hodgkinson@lpks.org

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