Thursday, July 17, 2008

My answer to a wasted vote question....

The question asked me "Rob, please explain why I should waste my vote on a candidate who isn't going to win. Why does that make sense?

I support a multi party system in this country. I hope I see it in my lifetime. But the other parties are going to have to build a following before they run candidates. It would also be smarter to start with local races and grow from there rather than running a failed candidate in the presidential election."

My answer:

There is no such thing as a wasted vote...

The only thing that you would have a chance to convince me was a wasted vote - would be someone writing in a person or thing (think Ron Paul or Donald Duck) that the Secretary of State will not count. Even then, the protest value in this case is worth something.

A vote for Bob Barr for President is a choice
A vote for Randall Hodgkinson for US Senate in Kansas is a choice
A vote for Joe Bellis for the KS 3rd congressional district is a choice
A vote for Rob Hodgkinson in the KS 37th is a choice

Voting FOR any of the above is NOT a waste - the vote will be counted, the vote will be recorded, and a vote could (I'll admit, a long shot) elect someone from outside the two party system. We just have to get enough people to see the folly of our current path that has us in this mess.

Telling me you have to vote for a probable winner is like saying all Kansans have to be NY Yankee or New England Patriot fans - or you just wasted your time/money etc.

Voting is a hell of a lot more important than sports. Take a chance on an (this) underdog - it will pay off in many positive dividends for the future of this state.

Rob Hodgkinson
It's a great time to be a Libertarian in Kansas!

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